MSRHP’s Quick Aluminum Epoxy Putty will have you back up and running in the time it takes you to enjoy a beverage while waiting for it to dry. Simple and easy to use, just break off only what you need and apply. No waste! Throw the rest back in the keep-fresh container and hit the road. We have used this product and been amazed. When a rock punched a hole in the side of the clutch cover causing oil to leak out. 

We thought it meant the ride was over. But we laid the bike on its side, prepped the surface by cleaning it with some gas, kneaded up a small portion and packed the epoxy into the hole and crack. The motor was still warm so the epoxy kicked off immediately, allowing us to enjoy the rest of the ride. The bike was ridden in that condition for a year with no issues. 

  • Hardens in 15 minutes
  • No waste, only break off what is needed
  • Break off, knead and apply