Putoline NanoTech 5w-40 OIL 1000ml

Putoline NanoTech5w-40 OIL The Putoline Nano Tech 4+ 5W-40 is the most advanced, 100% synthetic 4-stroke engine oil ever produced by Putoline Oil. The Nano Tech engine oils guarantee full compatibility with modern clutch friction materials and ensure an unsurpassed, correct clutch engagement. Properties: Excellent wear protection for engine and transmission Very low oil consumption Excellent fluidity, including at low temperatures Maximum, constant engine performance Exceedingly good cleaning ability Constantly good quality throughout the entire service life Nano Tech 4+ 5W-40 contains the Pure Bike Nano Tech additives system. This 100% synthetic 4-stroke engine oil is particularly suitable for road and race motorcycles that perform under the most severe race conditions.