Desire that aggressive look of a Grandprix Growler Exhaust System? Needing a little more mean to your lean machine? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Hotbodies Racing has a great solution and a price that’s kind to your wallet. Our NEW Full-System MGP Growler inspired exhausts for your 2015-16 CBR650F will scare the competition with its deep growl of power and performance while showing off Hotbodies’ famous aerodynamic styling.

This Full-System is available in carbon fiber, with a smooth end cap, this compact MGP Growler exhaust bolts on your ride with zero modifications, giving you the look of a polished Grandprix model. This Son-o-B’ is awesome and clearly not legal in Calfornia, at least on the roads!

Click here to check out this great article where Super Streetbike compared our MGP Exhausts to the competition… MGP was the lightest and made the most power!


Save 13.55 lbs! Weighs 9.25 lbs vs. 22.80 lbs Stock
No Modifications Necessary
Direct OEM Replacement
No Re-mapping Necessary (Unless you want MORE HP!)
Made In Italy!