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AGV K-5 Jet Helmet - Winter Test

By packaging most of the top details of the popular K-5 in an open-face version, AGV has created a high-performance, versatile helmet that’s equally at home for city riding or touring. The carbon-fiberglass shell features an integrated spoiler for maximum stability and aeroperformance, while the anti-scratch, Pinlock®-ready shield extends below the chin and utilizes an effective new mechanism called Visor Magnetic System (VMS).

  • - External shell in CAF (Carbon-Fiberglass) available in 2 sizes, and EPS inner lining available in 4 sizes with 4 diffe- rent densities.
    - Shell and EPS dimensions optimised using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system.
    - Ventilation system: IVS consisting of 2 front air vents, and an air extractor with ON/OFF system developed in a wind tunnel to optimise and adjust ventilation.
    - Central front air vent built into the shell profile with direct high air flow channel.
    - Rear spoiler integrated into the shell profile.
    - The inner components are made of sanitised 3D Dry-Comfort material and can be fully removed and washed.
    - The wide CITY 17 is scratch-resistant and PINLOCK® ready. It covers and protects the face to below the level of the chin.
    - New magnetic closing system known as VMS (Visor Magnetic System).
    - New XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) visor mechanism for quick removal of the visor with no need for tools.
    - Integrated scratch-resistant sun visor (ISV), removable and replaceable without using tools.
    - Micro-metric, quick release fastening system.
    - Asian fit option.
    - Homologation: ECE 2205, JIS, ECE ASIA
    - Weight (ECE 2205): 1,350 g* (+/- 50 g) (tg MS)

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